Transgenic lettuce

Let ID: L1

Description: Overexpression Lsa-MIR408 in Lactuca sativa
Donation Data: 28 October 2021
Donated by: Qin Yajuan, Yang Pan
Material type: Seed

Germplasm Info.

Species: Lactuca sativa
Category: Overexpression
Background: Losseleaf
Name: 35S:Lsa-MIR408-2
Gene: MIR408
Position: Lsat_1_v8_lg_1 + 141416633-141416653
Growth requirement: Achenes were first sown on a wet filter paper in a petri dish and moved directly to the soil in plastic pots after germination. The seedlings were cultured in a greenhouse (16 h/8 h day/night cycle, light intensity 200 μmol m-2 s-1, relative humidity 30–5
Image: 408-2_1.png ; 408-2_2.png ; 408-2_3.png ;