Lettuce Genome Database

Given the economic value and academic significance of lettuce, data accumulation on high-throughput sequencing, phenotyping and other multi-omics has soared, so has the demand for a lettuce integrative database. Here, we launched the LettuceGDB (www.LettuceGDB.com), a comprehensive lettuce database. As an omics data hub, current LettuceGDB integrated two detailed annotated genome references, re-sequencing data over 1,048 lettuce varieties… More →



▶ Guo Z, Li B, Du J, Shen F, Zhao Y, Deng Y, Kuang Z, Tao Y, Wan M, Lu X, Wang D, Wang Y, Han Y, Wei J, Li L, Guo X, Zhao C, Yang X. LettuceGDB: The community database for lettuce genetics and omics. Plant Commun. 2022. 12:100425.

▶ Genome

Crisphead lettuce (Lactuca sativa cv. Salinas): The data were generated by Compositae Genome Project and the Lettuce Genome Sequencing Project. To Lettuce Genome Resource and the Michelmore lab. Cite: Reyes-Chin-Wo, S., Wang, Z., Yang, X., Kozik, A., Arikit, S., Song, C., Xia, L., Froenicke, L., Lavelle, D.O., Truco, M.J., et al. (2017). Genome assembly with in vitro proximity ligation data and whole-genome triplication in lettuce. Nat Commun 8:14953.

Original data from NCBI Genome GCF_002870075.3_Lsat_Salinas_v8

Stem lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. angustana): Data originally generated by the LettuceGDB team. Raw data have been deployed in the BIG Data Center, PRJCA007442.

Prickly lettuce (Lactuca serriola L.): Data originally generated by the LettuceGDB team, who is working on performing subsequent assembly and annotation.